Druplet helps users find solutions to their problems faster and easier. It consists of a knowledge repository for the Drupal community that simplifies the sharing of solution snippets from online resources for user defined problems and leverages the submitted problems to define an ontology that can be used to describe Drupal problems and knowledge.

Welcome to DRUPLET

Most people when they encounter a problem during development or use of Drupal do a Google search on the topic and end up, after some sifting and speed-reading, with a couple of text snippets that together form an answer. The purpose of this project is to make it easy to build a record of these snippet trails and to share them with the community.

To get started register for an account and submit your first problem to the system. To make things easier we have made a bookmarklet for submitting solutions: all you need to do is select the text snippet on a webpage while surfing and hit the bookmarklet. It will take the url, page title and selected text snippet into the form, the site also remembers what problem you last visited and references this on the solutions you submit. So you only need to review the data and hit submit. To be able to use the bookmarklet, just drag the following link for the druplet bookmarklet into your bookmark toolbar.

How to bulk create or import groups?

I could have a need to create hundreds of Drupal groups.

Alfresco integration into Drupal

making a sandbox Drupal installation

When you want to try out new Drupal modules you often need to install and configure a number of modules on which the new module depends. With a sandbox environment, you can install the usual suspects one time, store these settings and refresh your sandbox after you're done testing the new module.

Implementing metadata in Drupal

How can we build semantic data into a regular drupal site

how to integrate with other social websites

What are the existing ways to integrate your website with services from social websites out there.

how to use address data from user profile in ubercart

ubercart uses it's own system to store addresses, sometimes however you need the address also outside of the e-shop

JQuery update on multisite environment

The JQuery update module gives you some trouble when you are working in a multisite environment.

watermarks in Drupal

How to add a watermark/semitransparent layer on top of an image that is uploaded to a Drupal site

Nice contact forms

drupal native contact forms in D5 and D6 are not really perfect (e.g. no separate URLs, that * dropdown box).

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